Upcoming COPAS Energy Education Webinars

Upcoming COPAS Energy Education Webinars

Message from Tom Wierman, COPAS Executive Director

I would ask you to spread the word in your societies about the great line up of COPAS Energy Education webinars for 2019.  Some of the webinars last all year (one a month), while others run for several months and then repeat.  The topics include Joint Interest, Revenue, Gas Balancing, Operations, Joint Venture Auditing and many more.  I would encourage you to read through the list in the ACCOUNTS magazine that will be on your desk any time now.

One webinar series I wanted to call your attention to is the one on Knowing Your COPAS Documents (KYCD).  For a long time now, Mike Cougevan has been giving these one hour KYCD sessions at COPAS meetings, and sometimes society meetings.  He takes a topic from the COPAS documents and drills into it.  I know several of you have attended meetings where Mike has given these presentations and you came away with a lot of information, even if you thought you knew the topic well.  Mike always got requests to send the slides but he wasn’t able to do so.

Until now, the KYCD offerings were limited to live presentations.  Over the last few months we have been able to arrange for a monthly series of these topics in a webinar format.  COPAS has owned several of the KYCD presentations, and recently purchased the rights to the last ones that have been prepared.  COPAS also owns the KYCD name, but Mike is still intimately involved in this series, and will continue to be.

This webinar format will now allow many more of your members to experience what you may have already seen.  Registration for the series is open and the first session starts in mid-January.  Again, please spread the word in your society newsletter and on your website.  If you are a consultant or practitioner, please spread the word to your clients.  You don’t have to be a COPAS member to take our courses or webinars.

The webinars are reasonably priced.  Discounts apply if you sign up for an entire series, further discounts if you sign up to take more than one series or have more than five register from one company.  Contact the COPAS office with any questions you might have.

Click Here for the Knowing Your COPAS Documents Webinar

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